Screentone Set #3

Posted on December 5, 2022

Been a while since I did screentone pics. Always fun to work with. Just don't mind all the goofy text.

1. Yasogami Social Link Girls: Ai Ebihara, Yumi Ozawa, and Ayane Matsunaga)
2. Maya Amano & Lisa Silverman
3. Maiko Oohashi & Makoto Yuuki

Tags: screentones grayscale monochrome speech_bubble persona_3 persona_2 persona_4 ebihara_ai ozawa_yumi matsunaga_ayane amano_maya lisa_silverman oohashi_maiko yuuki_makoto fellatio oral loli randoseru school_uniform outdoor bath handjob shirt_lift bottomless

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Tsundere Yukari

Posted on November 28, 2022

I'm really having some fun working on backgrounds recently. I'm still not amazing at it but I like how this one turned out. Actually had fun painting the shrubs in the background, which surprised me. Obviously, I still prefer drawing naked girls but I guess bushes can be second place. xD

Tags: persona_3 takeba_yukari yuuki_makoto groping open_clothes open_shirt skirt_lift panties bra_lift school_uniform angry outdoors public_indecency

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Poketoon Gals

Posted on November 21, 2022

I'd been meaning to draw them since I first saw the Gengar poketoon animation. Finally got around to it.

Tags: poketoon pokemon loli casual_nudity exhibitionism looking_at_viewer functionally_nude

In the Principal's Office

Posted on November 14, 2022

Care for a cursed pairing?

I'm kinda surprised there isn't more of this pairing. I know there is some art of Kobayakawa and Makoto but, given the relationship and power dynamic between them, you'd think it would be more common, like with Ann and Kamoshida. Is it because there are fewer artists that want to draw fat bastards? Though, on that subject, I accidentally ended up drawing him slimmer than he should be. Oops!

There are a lot of background elements in this picture and I wish I had been able to do more but eventually my patience ran out and I went with what I had. I'm still very happy with the results though. :D

But anyway, this pairing isn't cursed enough. I should go back to drawing Igor boinking Lavenza. :P

Tags: niijima_makoto principal_kobayakawa persona_5 rape shirt_lift open_clothes panty_pull arm_grab bra school_uniform

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Beach Mary

Posted on November 7, 2022

Commission of a friend's OC.

Tags: OC mary nude beach oral fellatio public_sex public_nudity loli flat_chest on_stomach lying

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