Nanako Dojima 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

Nice knowing you guys, guess I'm going to hell now.

But seriously, I was very happy with this picture at the time it was created but looking back there are some improvements I would've liked to implement. At the time, I was still getting accustomed to drawing "smol" proportions so there are areas where I wish I had done some things differently. That being said, I still think the picture turned out pretty well.

Still kinda surprised I didn't do a cumshot version of this one.

Tags: dojima_nanako 堂島菜々子 persona_4 ペルソナ4 ペルソナ loli flat_chest vaginal dark_skinned_male twintails brown_hair nude ribbon

Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga

Posted on December 21, 2020

Azumanga Daioh is just one of those old anime series I watched because it was ubiquitous. It had a fair share of memes and it was a cute show. I can't see myself going back and watching it again cause it is rather slow paced, like a lot of slice-of-life shows. These days, I don't imagine the show gets much, if any, lewd fanart. Considering that this picture is a year old, it doesn't even get much lewd art from me either. I could see myself drawing more of the girls or another Osaka. If any of them, I'd probably draw Tomo or Yomi. I think Kagura has gotten a fair amount of fanart over the years.

Anyways, I remember pointing out on my twitter around the time I was doing this picture that I was giving fit tummies to characters that canonically shouldn't really have anything special going on there. Whether that is a sign of my lack of skill as an artist or my dedication to abs, you can decide.

Tags: kasuga_ayumu 春日歩 あずまんが大王 azumanga_daioh bottomless small_breasts shirt_lift school_uniform brown_hair handjob group_sex facial

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Mayl Sakurai 2

Posted on December 21, 2020

Another Mayl tentacle picture.

I've always really liked how the torso, breasts and abdomen turn out on this picture. Though if you've followed me on pixiv or twitter for any length of time, you probably already know that an over-emphasis on abdomens is one of my most obvious habits as an artist. xD

Tags: mayl_sakurai 桜井メイル mega_man_battle_network rockman_exe tentacles bottomless lying on_back shirt_lift vaginal restrained

Mika Returna

Posted on December 21, 2020

I suck at fighting games but I really like the style of a lot of anime fighters. Mainly, it's the amazing visuals of things like the modern Guilty Gear games that impress me but also the feel of how fun some of attacks are to perform. Aside from guilty gear, I did try out Under Night In-Birth and was just as bad at it as any other fighter. It does have its fair share of cute anime girl characters. Is there a better option for "cute anime girl" from that game than Mika?

I've done a few UNIST pictures in the past and I think all of them involve Merkava fucking one of the girls. I guess drawing Merk was my way of holding onto the theme of drawing tentacle porn....even if the tentacles aren't being used for that purpose.

Tags: mika_returna under_night_in-birth ミカ・リターナ loli flat_chest blonde_hair twintails bottomless thighhighs shirt_lift tentacles restrained vaginal ahegao leg_lift

River City Girls

Posted on December 21, 2020

Man there really was a steady drift away from tentacles back then. I split the difference a bit, alternating between tentacles and actual dudes.

This picture is a slight aberration because, at the time, I was trying hard to get used to doing a softer shading style but this one I felt was a fairly complex composition and thought it would take a long time to do the soft shading on so I went with the hard cel-shading style instead. I would like to try again with another River City Girls picture. There are a ton of cute girls in that game but primarily, I'd like to draw the main two again sometime.

Tags: river_city_girls misako みさこ kyoko きょうこ tentacles open_clothes open_shirt bottomless thighhighs black_hair orange_hair ponytail hair_bow backpack restrained

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