The Beauty Pageant

Posted on June 18, 2024

"Alright, everyone! It's time for the main event. Time to cast your vote for Miss Yasogami!"

I like doing these group shots but they do take a little bit of time. So that Persona 3 remake came out not too long ago and so far it's alright. I do wish it had a bit more of its own identity rather than being so adamant about recreating the original game. Sometimes it feels like there isn't much new to see for people have already played the previous versions. I admit that I'm not very far into it, for various reasons, so maybe my opinion will change the further I get into it.

Aside from that, SMTV: Vengeance came out which I am interested in playing but I have so many games on the backlog that I don't want to throw another one on. And besides that there's also Trails into Daybreak coming out next month in English and I'm curious to play that as well. Too many games are coming out.

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Camping Trip

Posted on May 24, 2024

Maybe Yosuke misjudged their sizes a bit. It's hard to tell.

(This picture is based on an AI generation. I drew a base sketch, ran it through stable diffusion, traced the lineart from the AI result, and then colored it.)

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Yukari - Bad End

Posted on May 13, 2024

She forgot to have a backup plan in case things went badly.

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Everyday Service

Posted on May 7, 2024

Another pic that's based on an AI generation that I relined and recolored and fixed some little errors. Please enjoy.

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Maki Examination

Posted on April 15, 2024

The doctor had to take her temperature. Yes, this is the proper technique.

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