Maki & Masao

Posted on August 8, 2022

I have a friend who really likes this pairing because it's obvious that Masao has a thing for Maki in the game. Such a shame that she ends up falling for the protagonist eh? Or...rather, "Ideal Maki" does.

Actually I'm not even sure if that bit is canon or if it was just tacked onto the ending of the PSP version because Persona has evolved into a quasi dating sim game. Hmm....

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Yukari After Class

Posted on August 1, 2022

If you're an Atlus fan, you've probably heard that Persona 3-5 are all getting rereleased on every platform, which is good. Not sure where that leaves Persona 1 & 2 but maybe they'll get around to rereleasing those or, even better, actually remaking them so their gameplay is a bit more palatable to modern audiences. That being said, if you saw the results of the Atlus customer survey, maybe it could actually happen considering Persona 3 and 2 tied for the most wanted remake. And Persona 1 was just after those two. So I suppose I can dream that one day when I draw Maki getting railed some people will actually recognize the character.

Anyway, Yukari's hair is really pretty even if it's occasionally confusing to draw. I don't think she'd ever agree to having full-on sex at school but it's okay cause this is fanart so it's totally non-canon. That's something that bothers me about fan reactions to porn of their favorite IP. It seems like there are some people who get really upset about porn scenarios that don't jive with canon. Like, for example, pairing two characters that don't make much sense or having gay characters in straight relationships or vice versa.

The Persona 3 fandom, as far as I've seen, seems reasonably easy going about this stuff. Or at the very least, I haven't personally seen a ton of hostility about it. I know there are a lot of Yukari & Mitsuru shippers out there. It's not my thing, cause I've never been much for yuri but it's cool. Like what you like and let other people do the same, is how I feel. Regardless, having Yukari enjoy some after class boning seems very benign, as far as non-canon scenarios go. Not like she's having sex with Ikutsuki or something. Though....might have to write that down, I don't think Ikutsuki has gotten featured much in R18 pics. I guess he doesn't have the psychotic charisma of someone like Adachi. Who knows?

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I think Lumen's mad

Posted on July 26, 2022

Quick little thing of Lumen from Azure Striker Gunvolt because the 3rd game is coming out later this week. It's a good series of games if you like side-scrolling action (and the first 2 games are pretty cheap on steam). Inticreates did not ask me to shill for them, I just like the series. :P

Please enjoy Jealous Butterfly Idol Wife

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Yasogami Girls

Posted on July 25, 2022

Just a pic of the 3 Yasogami High social link girls that aren't in your party. Was trying out some different things. Turned out alright. :D

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Mai & Aki 2

Posted on July 25, 2022

This picture is sort of a revamp of a much older picture I did a while back.

As you would expect of two characters that are from a relatively unpopular game, Aki & Mai still don't get very much fanart, lewd or otherwise. It's a bit funny to me to draw them in this sort of scenario since they never actually meet in game and are never seen together. But still it feels right to put them together in fanart since they're essentially two sides of the same coin being two opposing facets of Maki.

I know it's a silly wish but I still hope that we get a remake of Persona 1 someday. The game could use a rework to iron out the more tedious aspects of the gameplay. I doubt Atlus will actually do this but I can dream. At this point you can experience the story in two forms: the game and the manga adaptation. I personally think it would make sense to adapt some of the manga elements that were added into the base game if it did ever get remade. But, again this will never happen. In the meantime, I can still draw lewds of the girls from P1. That'll have to do.

Tags: mai まい aki あき persona ペルソナ loli flat_chest group_sex thighhighs hair_ribbon

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