Maki & Naoya

Posted on January 23, 2023

I finally tried animating again!

I've been working on this off and on since late December and it's been a really fun project. It's still the same sort of "jointed / puppet" style animation that I did on the last attempt but I tried to refine my approach a bit and be a little more ambitious with this one. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out and I really hope you guys enjoy it. I still had to upload it in webp format cause I really don't have a choice, can't upload video files. But it's decent quality and it's at full, 4k res.

I'm not sure when I will work on another animation. I do have some ideas in mind but we'll see if any of those develop.

Tags: animated sonomura_maki toudou_naoya persona_1 straddling reverse_cowgirl arm_grab clothed_sex bottomless ass open_shirt ribbon storage_room

Black Dress Maya 2

Posted on January 8, 2023

A follow-up to a picture from a while back. Thanks again, Atlus, for giving us art of Maya in a sexy black dress. Still waiting on a new game to be announced but I'll take what I can get.

Tags: amano_maya persona_2 doggystyle bent_over dress_pull skirt_lift no_bra elbow_gloves thighhighs garter_straps no_panties vaginal large_breasts looking_back

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Beach Fun Pt. 4

Posted on January 2, 2023

Just another beach themed lewd featuring Juliana.

Tags: pokemon_sv juliana_(pokemon) loli small_breasts spitroast oral fellatio arm_grab from_behind functionally_nude outdoors beach exhibitionism hat public_nudity

On the Naughty List

Posted on December 24, 2022

I almost never do seasonal themed pictures but I had this idea at the beginning of the week and thought it would be neat to finally do a Christmas picture. The girls in the picture are a couple of OCs. The pink haired one is my own Penelope who I literally haven't drawn once this entire year, to my everlasting shame of course because....she cute. The other girl is my friend Blackhook's OC Greypendel whom he also never draws! So, I guess this picture is an excuse to draw some forgotten lolis. Regardless, those two will likely be getting everything they asked Santa for this year.

Hope everyone's holidays are nice. This will probably be the last picture I post this year. I might make a year review post or something but it's only a maybe. Catch me in 2023 for more lewds.

Tags: OC greypendel pink_penelope loli functionally_nude santa_claus christmas christmas_tree santa_hat oral licking_penis thighhighs clothed_male_nude_female clothed_sex threesome

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Caligula 2 - Kiriko

Posted on December 19, 2022

The Caligula Effect 2 came out last year in 2021. It's the sequel to a little known JRPG, called just Caligula in Japan, that was originally on the Playstation Vita and later given an updated re-release on Playstation 4. Despite the updated re-release improving a lot of aspects about the original, it was still a very lackluster game. There were lots of janky combat mechanics that didn't come together in a coherent way and the story didn't manage to grab my attention due to some poor pacing and narrative structure. I never managed to finish it.

The second game in the series is a big step up though. Mind you, it was never going to win any awards for it's appearance; the game looks like it would've been right at home on the PS2. But when comparing it to the first, it's a strong improvement. The story flows more naturally and the overall presentation has improved, even if the character models and animations are unimpressive.

The combat got tweaked too and it's really my favorite part of the game. It's a system that incentivizes being patient and planning out your actions carefully. The way the combat is designed, it's entirely possible to manipulate your characters positions and actions so that you never take a single hit. And being able to manipulate things in that way is completely mandatory if you play the game on Extreme difficulty, which is what I did. I actually recommend that everyone play the game on extreme because I feel like the lower difficulties don't force you to engage with the combat mechanics in the same way. There's nothing like dying in two hits to make you think more carefully about what decisions you're making. This is especially true in the boss fights where you're constantly having to make meaningful decisions about where to move your characters to, when to guard, dodge and watching your attack cooldowns to try and avoid taking any hits at all.

The downside of the combat is the lack of enemy variety. You'll be fighting the same two or three enemy types throughout the entire game. Sure, they get new attack types that change up combat a little but it still gets boring seeing the same enemy models over and over. I know the game is a budget title but still.

Anyway, I almost forgot that I'm a porn artist. The game has some cute girls and I kinda doubt it's going to get much smut so here's the male MC fucking one of the girls. I have at least one more Caligula Effect 2 picture planned but I have no timetable on when it'll be done. That one is going to be an orgy picture with all the playable female characters. In the meantime, please enjoy this Kiriko pic.

Tags: miyasako_kiriko amiki_sasara caligula_2 vaginal standing_sex nipple_licking breast_sucking leg_lift leg_grab shirt_lift bottomless clothed_sex

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