Commission - "Diva"

Posted on June 12, 2021

Recent commission pic. Characters are the commissioner's OCs.

Tags: commission OC on_back bottomless dark_skin gloves elbow_pads thigh_grab waist_grab panties_around_one_leg wet_clothes

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Eleonora Yumizuru

Posted on May 22, 2021

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is.... not a popular game. It was originally pitched as a Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover which people were excited about, I guess. But it ended up being a totally new IP that seems to have taken most of it's gameplay ideas from Persona. That's not very surprising considering the strong sales of that series.

It being about a idol talent agency that also fights baddies seems to have worked against it since I've talked to several people who "just don't care for" stories about idols, as if they assume that the entire game is just Love Live or Idolmaster. It also had the censorship in the western release which lost people. And then the Switch rerelease was based on the western version which turned even more people off of the game.

That being said, I think the game is pretty great. I haven't finished it yet simply because I have a terrible track record of finishing games but still I have really enjoyed the time I've spent on the game so far. It is essentially a Persona-lite. All the combat mechanics you'd hope for and social sim elements but with none of the daily life management.

Anyway, with that extended preamble out of the way...

Here's a picture of Eleonora Yumizuru from that game. Hope you enjoy.

Tags: eleonora_yumizuru tokyo_mirage_sessions aoi_itsuki vaginal clothed_sex open_clothes bottomless bed

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KSPK - Aryll & Link

Posted on May 18, 2021

The second piece for my collab account project.

Colors by Wur - Twitter / Pixiv
Sketch & Lineart by Me

Tags: kspk collab aryll link legend_of_zelda wind_waker handjob incest sister loli

KSPK - Hinoa & Minoto

Posted on May 18, 2021

I recently started a side project for collabs with some artist friends of mine. This was the first one that was finished. Here's the Pixiv account for that side project.

Colors by Neroshi (Twitter / Pixiv)
Sketch and Lineart by Me

Tags: kspk collab monster_hunter_rise hinoa minoto

Rise Kujikawa 2

Posted on May 11, 2021

Finally got back around to drawing Rise again. Really like this low angle shot. It's probably one of my favorite recent compositions next to the Yukari one I did not too long ago.

Tags: kujikawa_rise persona_4 group_sex vaginal handjob smile twintails panty_pull veiny_penis open_clothes thighhighs

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