Mai & Aki

Posted on December 21, 2020

This picture continues my steady descent into being a filthy loli artist by lewding two characters that surprisingly have actually had porn of them drawn before, though I think it was only once.

For the uninitiated, Mai and Aki are two girls from Persona 1 that represent facets of the personality of Maki Sonomura, hence the names. They look pretty much like twins, understandably so, but they have slightly different hairstyles. Aki being the one without bangs who is the smug, sassy one that harasses the player party for the majority of the game. Aki is also the one that I've drawn more than once xD. They do both have different dresses that they wear. Mai's is white and Aki's black. At some point I want to draw them with the dresses. You know, not properly wearing them of course, just partially.



Tags: mai まい aki あき persona ペルソナ loli flat_chest group_sex aftersex hair_ribbon ass nude

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Kalinka Cossack

Posted on December 21, 2020

When it comes to Mega Man fanart of the main series, I typically only draw Roll but for some reason I guess I felt like drawing Kalinka here. Even though her most recent incarnation made her a fairly busty girl, I drew her as the loli she originally was....complete with hat.

The hat is important.

Tags: kalinka_cossack カリンカ・コサック mega_man ロックマン loli flat_chest blonde_hair long_hair fur_hat earrings aftersex ass lying on_back


Posted on December 21, 2020

This is one of those instances of me drawing a character that literally no one cares about or has bothered to draw fanart of. I feel kinda proud to have drawn Nagi and maybe one day I'll see other nsfw fanart of her. But given Persona Q2's lack of popularity, I'm not holding my breath.

Tags: nagi ナギ persona_q2 ペルソナQ2 bottomless vaginal large_breasts straddling thigh_grab smile black_hair

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Nanako Dojima 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

Nice knowing you guys, guess I'm going to hell now.

But seriously, I was very happy with this picture at the time it was created but looking back there are some improvements I would've liked to implement. At the time, I was still getting accustomed to drawing "smol" proportions so there are areas where I wish I had done some things differently. That being said, I still think the picture turned out pretty well.

Still kinda surprised I didn't do a cumshot version of this one.

Tags: dojima_nanako 堂島菜々子 persona_4 ペルソナ4 ペルソナ loli flat_chest vaginal dark_skinned_male twintails brown_hair nude ribbon

Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga

Posted on December 21, 2020

Azumanga Daioh is just one of those old anime series I watched because it was ubiquitous. It had a fair share of memes and it was a cute show. I can't see myself going back and watching it again cause it is rather slow paced, like a lot of slice-of-life shows. These days, I don't imagine the show gets much, if any, lewd fanart. Considering that this picture is a year old, it doesn't even get much lewd art from me either. I could see myself drawing more of the girls or another Osaka. If any of them, I'd probably draw Tomo or Yomi. I think Kagura has gotten a fair amount of fanart over the years.

Anyways, I remember pointing out on my twitter around the time I was doing this picture that I was giving fit tummies to characters that canonically shouldn't really have anything special going on there. Whether that is a sign of my lack of skill as an artist or my dedication to abs, you can decide.

Tags: kasuga_ayumu 春日歩 あずまんが大王 azumanga_daioh bottomless small_breasts shirt_lift school_uniform brown_hair handjob group_sex facial

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