Maki Sonomura 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

I talked about tentacles already. I guess there's a sort of mythology gag in this picture but only a tiny one due to the tentacles being green. You could say that the tentacles in this picture belong to Mara, the infamous "penis demon" that shows up in so many SMT and Persona games. Coincidentally though, I don't believe Mara shows up in Persona 1 in its customary appearance (the giant green dick with a mouth, riding a chariot). Instead you get an alternative version of the demon in the form of the penis monster that comes out of Kenta's stomach in the Snow Queen Quest.

If you are a Persona neophyte then I apologize for all this needless information. Instead focus on Maki here. She's got a tentacle in her butt!

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