Saricci & Codette

Posted on July 13, 2021

A couple new OCs. Tentatively, my story for them is they are just two girls that work as prostitutes in a "matrix-like" VR world where people have a lot of casual sex because, since it's virtual and everyone has fictional avatars, there are no real downsides. Yeah, this concept is mainly an easy excuse for putting them in whatever situation I feel like. :P

Saricci is the blonde and Codette is the brunette and it should surprise no one that they're....very loosely inspired by Persona girls. But anyway, I know it can be a bit boring for people to hear someone talk about their OCs, so I'll stop here and just say that I hope you like them and enjoy the picture.

Tags: OC saricci codette group_sex bent_over multiple_girls clothed_sex skirt_lift no_pan glasses oral vaginal after_vaginal thighhighs