River City Girls

Posted on December 21, 2020

Man there really was a steady drift away from tentacles back then. I split the difference a bit, alternating between tentacles and actual dudes.

This picture is a slight aberration because, at the time, I was trying hard to get used to doing a softer shading style but this one I felt was a fairly complex composition and thought it would take a long time to do the soft shading on so I went with the hard cel-shading style instead. I would like to try again with another River City Girls picture. There are a ton of cute girls in that game but primarily, I'd like to draw the main two again sometime.

Tags: river_city_girls misako みさこ kyoko きょうこ tentacles open_clothes open_shirt bottomless thighhighs black_hair orange_hair ponytail hair_bow backpack restrained