Maki Sonomura 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

I talked about tentacles already. I guess there's a sort of mythology gag in this picture but only a tiny one due to the tentacles being green. You could say that the tentacles in this picture belong to Mara, the infamous "penis demon" that shows up in so many SMT and Persona games. Coincidentally though, I don't believe Mara shows up in Persona 1 in its customary appearance (the giant green dick with a mouth, riding a chariot). Instead you get an alternative version of the demon in the form of the penis monster that comes out of Kenta's stomach in the Snow Queen Quest.

If you are a Persona neophyte then I apologize for all this needless information. Instead focus on Maki here. She's got a tentacle in her butt!

Tags: maki_sonomura persona ペルソナ 園村麻希 tentacles bottomless ribbon brown_hair open_shirt restrained oral vaginal anal triple_penetration panty_pull

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Mayl Sakurai 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

There was a time where I was very timid and unsure about posing multiple human figures together in a single image. Let me say that tentacles are a godsend to the lazy lewd artist. I used to draw them all the time! Mind you, tentacle scenes can get pretty complex as well depending on how much detail you want to give the tentacle monster and it's tentacles.

This picture was a recreation of an earlier picture of Mayl in my old "chibi-like" style. Despite only having played the first Mega Man Battle Network game, and being told that it's actually the weakest entry in the series, I still have a fondness for it. And I have a fondness for lewding Mayl, when I get the chance to and I'm not drawing Persona girls. :P

Tags: mayl_sakurai 桜井メイル mega_man_battle_network rockman_exe tentacles bottomless oral vaginal restrained shirt_lift

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Yukiko Amagi 1

Posted on December 21, 2020

This was the second picture I attempted in the new style and as far as I'm concerned it's way better than the Evander picture just because the proportions are more refined and the pose and composition, though simple, is more appealing. The rendering on the body is nicer. And also, I like that I managed to include details like the Yasogami High logo on her shirt collar. Which is something I have never done in any subsequent picture of Yukiko.

But on a more fatuous level...

Damn! Look at those titties!

Tags: persona persona_4 amagi_yukiko 天城雪子 ペルソナ4 ペルソナ black_hair sweater bottomless shirt_lift glasses hairband

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Where It Starts (Evander)

Posted on December 21, 2020

I debated with myself a fair bit where to start in my collection of old art to post on this site. Ultimately, I decided I should probably start with this picture because it's where my approach to figure drawing changed dramatically and I started drawing relatively more proportional bodies. Before this picture, I was drawing a really distorted, almost "chibi-like", style where the characters had tiny bodies and massive heads. I was quite self-conscious about it as I did get mocked from time to time for my weird proportions.

It was on a whim that I decided to try something new and this was the first picture I experimented with. It's a picture of my own OC Evander McNair, a character with such a convoluted history it's not worth explaining but maybe one day I'll get to that. In the meantime, looking back at this picture is strange as there are a lot of aspects that I would want to fix if I ever redrew it. The proportions are a little strange as her head is still very large and maybe there's a bit of over-emphasis on shading the body. The ribcage is a bit overdone. Also, these days I'd typically avoid "floating penis" pictures. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just grew to prefer having the full body attached.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the picture.

Tags: oc evander_mcnair oral cum_in_mouth bottomless hetero public_sex shirt_lift small_breasts

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