Hey, I'm blsh and I've been online doing art in some form or another since 2010. I've used quite a few different screennames in that time but ultimately settled on this one. I'm not entirely sure what to put on an about page, to be honest.

But I guess I should state the obvious first. I am a big fan of Persona and primarily focus on drawing lewd fanart of that series. I started the series with the PS1 release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and was pleasantly surprised when it finally got a follow up with Persona 3. Who knew that it would revolutionize the series and become Atlus' flagship title? Hey, it's got a lot of cute waifus so there's plenty of subject matter for drawing nsfw art.

Art is mostly a hobby for me. I'm not really looking to turn artwork into a full-time career but it's a fun project and people seem to enjoy what I'm doing too so I keep doing it.

If you're curious what my tools are, the program I use is Clip Studio Paint and my tablet is a Huion Kamvas 20.